Benefits of the Different Types Shot Blast Machines

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Benefits of the Different Types Shot Blast Machines

At present, shot blasting machine has become mandatory for every industry that deals in metals like foundries, chemical, forging plants, petroleum industries and heavy engineering industries, Shipbuilding industries, defense organization and Indian railways etc. to clean & polish the metals for the surface preparation.

The main Benefit of shot blasting machine is that it gives an effective & smooth finish to any kind of the metals. Basically, there are two types of shot blasting machines which have many benefits for surface preparation.

Wheel Blasting- In this shot blasting technology, wheel start rotating and throwing continuous shots at that metal piece we work on. The quality of wheels and efficiency can give desired results in short time.

Therefore, we need to be concern about the speed of the shots that can give better results. A wrong angle & speed of the shots in the shot blasting process can ruin the metal instead of smooth preparation.

Benefits of Wheel Blasting:

Air Blasting- In this technology of shot blasting, the abrasive with compressed air are used to clean and improves the surface smoothness by air blasting. Air blasting is much better than wheel blasting because it is portable and used for the irregular shaped metals that have lots of corners. Many contractors, owners, and shipyards are using air blasting for cleaning coats and surface preparation.

Benefits of Air Blasting Machine:

Generally, a shot blasting machine contains six parts such as the wheel, cabinet, elevator, work handling mechanism, dust collector and separator etc. If we talk about the portable air blasting machine, is used for cleaning casting.

There are numbers of wheels installed in the wheel blasting machines. If we talk about the abrasives materials for shot blasting machine, it depends on the work which needs to be shot blasted. Mostly, small size steel shot is being used for the smooth polished surface. Apart from it, the large shot is to remove heavy flash from the metal.

Therefore, these are the two basic technology and types of shot blasting machine. The shot blasting is the technology and mechanical process of cleaning metals while preparing the surface. In shot blasting process everything depends upon centrifugal force and it is acceptable by our nature also.

Air blasting machine

Meanwhile, it is also mandatory to know about the best shot blasting machine manufacturer that use High-technology and provide world-class shot blasting machine. The quality spare center is the brand name which is known for the best quality of shot blasting machine and abrasive materials. It is one of the leading industries for shot blasting machine; they are very much conscious for providing quality and follow the strictest standards with all types of shot blasting machines.

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