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Quality Spare Center- Your Trusted Shot Blasting Material Supplier in India!

Are you in search of top-quality shot blasting material? Look no further! Quality Spare Center is here to cater to all your needs as authorized wholesale distributors and suppliers of shot blasting material in India.

Quality Spare Center is the authorized wholesale distributors of Raipur Rotocast Limited in the Northern Region. Raipur Rotocast Limited is a leading manufacturer of Steel Shot and Steel Grits. They specialize in providing high-performance shot blasting media to the Indian Industry. Rotocast steel shot is a solid spherical ball made of specially designed steel, delivering excellent performance as a shot blasting media.

It has a uniform structure of finely tempered marten site. It gives optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue. These balls are ensured by a unique casting & segregation process for perfect spherical shape. Special Steel Shots with unique properties for special applications are processes on demand if required quantities.

Apart from it, our Steel Grits are angular in shape with uniform grain sizes & special abrasion resistance quality. Shot blasting materials such as Steel Shots, Steel Grit,Garnet Steel Shot, Aluminum Shot, Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot, Lead Shot, Zinc Shot etc. these materials are available as per IS or SAE Specifications.

Types of Abrasives & Media

Quality Spare Center offers various abrasives and media to cater to diverse blasting needs. From steel shots and grits to cut wire shots and stainless steel shots, we provide high-quality options that ensure efficient and effective surface preparation.

1. Steel Shots

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Quality Spare Center provides top-grade steel shots perfect for shot blasting applications. Our steel shots are carefully selected for their consistent quality and excellent performance, ensuring optimal results in surface preparation and cleaning processes.

Material Steel
Density 7.4 g/cm3
Hardness 50 HRC
Usage/Application Shot Blasting
Sizes (mm) As shown in the chart below (Click Here)

2. Steel Grit

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We provide high-quality steel grit abrasives for efficient and effective surface preparation. Our steel grit is carefully selected for its durability, angular shape, and consistent particle size, ensuring excellent performance in removing tough coatings, rust, and scale. Trust our steel grit abrasives to achieve optimal results and a clean and properly prepared surface.

Material Metallic Abrasives
Hardness 7.5
Contamination Moderate to heavy
Color Grey
Sizes As shown in the chart below (Click Here)

3. Stainless Steel Shots

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We offer premium stainless steel shots that are ideal for various shot blasting applications. Our stainless steel shots are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and superior cleaning capabilities, making them reliable for achieving impeccable surface preparation results.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Material SS
Density 7.6 gm/cm3
Usage/Application Cleaning
Material Grade SS304,SS202 and SS430
Size (mm) 0.2mm to 2mm

4. Glass Beads

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Quality Spare Center provides high-quality glass beads that are perfect for a range of surface finishing applications. Our glass beads are carefully selected to ensure uniform size and shape, offering excellent cleaning and polishing properties. They are ideal for achieving a smooth, satin-like finish on various materials.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Material Glass Beads
Packaging Size 25kg / 50kg / 1 ton jumbo bag
Usage/Application Glass beads for sandblasting, Surface cleaning & Finishing
Shape Powder, Round Glass Beads
US Sieve Inhes (Max) Inhes (Min) Microns (Max) Microns (Min) Min % Round
20-30 .0331 .0234 850 600 65
25-45 .0278 .0139 710 355 65
30-40 .0234 .0165 600 425 65
40-60 .0165 .0098 425 250 75
40-70 .0165 .0083 425 212 70
50-70 .0117 .0083 300 212 75
50-80 .0117 .0070 300 180 70
60-120 .0098 .0049 250 125 80
70-140 .0083 .0041 212 106 80
100-170 .0059 .0035 150 90 85
120-270 .0049 .0021 125 53 85
170-325 .0035 .0017 90 45 85

5. Aluminium Oxide

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We offer premium-grade aluminium oxide abrasives that are widely used for various surface preparation and finishing applications. Our aluminium oxide abrasives provide excellent cutting power, durability, and consistent particle size. They effectively remove rust, paint, and other coatings while providing a smooth and clean surface finish.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Purity 91%
Usage/Application Industrial Sand Blasting, Grinding, and Cutting Wheel Making
Form Powder
Sizes (mesh) 24 , 36 , 40 , 54 , 60 , 80 , 120 , 180 , 220 , 280

Also Available in other mesh as per customer requirement

6. Copper Slag

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We supply high-quality copper slag, an abrasive material widely used for surface preparation and cleaning applications. Our copper slag is known for its excellent cutting properties, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It efficiently removes tough coatings, corrosion, and contaminants, leaving a clean and prepared surface for further treatment or finishing.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Matrial Metallic Abrasives
Application Industrial
Packing Bag
Size(mm) Different Sizes in one bag 0.2mm to 3mm

7. Silicon Carbide

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Our top-quality silicon carbide abrasives are known for their exceptional hardness and sharp cutting edges. Our silicon carbide abrasives are ideal for applications that require aggressive material removal, such as grinding, sanding, and polishing. They perform excellently on various surfaces, including metals, ceramics, and composites, ensuring precise and efficient results.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Material Silicon carbide
Color Black, green and white
Specific gravity 3.2
Size 2.6 micron – 2.3 mm

8. Garnet

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Quality Spare Center offers premium garnet abrasives for effective surface preparation and abrasive blasting. Our high-grade garnet delivers exceptional results in removing coatings, rust, and corrosion while minimizing surface contamination. Choose our garnet abrasives for a smooth and clean surface finish.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Material Garnet Abrasive
Type Garnet Abrasive
Color Brown
Size Grade A : 12/24 , Grade B : 20/40 , Grade C : 30/60 , Grade D : 80

9. Steel Cutwire Shots

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Quality Spare Center offers top-grade steel cut wire shots for reliable and efficient shot blasting applications. Our steel-cut wire shots are manufactured with precision and are known for their uniform size, shape, and durability. They provide excellent cleaning and peening properties, making them an ideal choice for achieving desired surface finishes with consistency and precision.

Brand Quality Spare Center
Packaging Type Bag
Hardness 45-55 hrc
Shape Round
Color Grey
Size (mm) 0.2mm to 2mm

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