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Our Products

1. Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

ESE Lightning Arrester
Machine Type Wheel Blasting
Usage/Application Industrial
Material To Be Blasted Small sized castings, forgings, heat treated components & more
Hardness 50 HRC
Number Of Doors Single Door
Surface Finish As per required

2. Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine

ESE Lightning Arrester
Voltage 240 V
Country of Origin Made in India
Track Extension Length 3000 mm/ Customized also
Turn Table Diameter 700mm
Workcar Length 1500 mm/ Customized also

3. Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

ESE Lightning Arrester
Machine Type Wheel Blasting
Usage/Application Surface Preparation
Number Of Doors As per requirement
Surface Finish As per SA Standards
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic

4. Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine

ESE Lightning Arrester
Blasting Capacity 100kg/min
Blasting Wheel Powerful wheel(s) with adjustable speed
Abrasive Media Utilizes steel shot/grit in specified size range
Drum Rotation 1450rpm/min
Dust Collection System Efficient system for effective dust removal

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting is a surface finishing method that prevents metal fatigue or cracking, as well as for cleaning and surface hardening. In this method, the role of the shot is to remove impurities, rust, scattered pieces of rubbish or remains that may affect metal strength. It is environment-friendly and a rapid, cost-effective surface finishing method for cleaning, polishing metal and other surfaces with high-speed shots.

This blasting process also has numerous uses wherein it can remove rigid plights, burrs and scales, acting as a catalyst for rust remover. However, it efficiently cleans surface rusts that may mingle with the part’s integrity; this process becomes a dependable approach to surface treatment.

Applications of Shot Blasting

With its adequately powerful technique of treating and cleaning the surface, this blasting has found its uses in a variety of industries. Some of the major are listed below:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Energy
  • Automotive Industry
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Rail Shipyard
  • Wire Bar
  • Profile and belt De- scaling
  • Construction Industry
  • Foundry and Forge Industry
  • Medical
  • General Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Strip and Tube De- scaling

Advantages of Shot Blasting

As now we are familiar of this blasting process and are aware of its uses in almost all types of industries that uses materials like metal, foundry, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, railways, shipbuilding industries and many more. Some of the significant shot blasting machines are such as Tumb type, Spinner Hanger, Paver, table type, stone shot, coil shot blasting machine, etc. These machines are used for cleaning, strengthening and polishing of the metal surface preparation.

Some of the significant advantages that make the use of shot blasting a requisite one:

  • This blasting removes corrosion like rust and other impurities from surfaces of materials. The corrosive builds may include faded paint, rust, mill scale, chemical stains, heat treatment scale and many more.
  • It is the most efficient and effective way for preparing a metal surface before the painting or coating of the surface to make it smoother.
  • This process is a great technique that helps to build a much better bond between the blasted surface and the protective coating layer. This technique provides a high blast pattern accuracy resulting in a great finished surface.
  • The technique helps to increase the lifespan and the endurance of coatings that will be done in future.
  • It is a commendable method to reveal and identify any surface defects that may occur over time.
  • Shot blasting is one of the most eco- friendly options for the removal of corrosion and the preparation of surface prior to painting or coating of the surface.
  • The blasting only uses abrasive medium and pressure for the finishing of surfaces.
  • No acids are used during the shot blasting process.
  • Physical Pellets is the only form of clean-up that is required.
  • Only abrasive medium are used with force for cleaning of the metal surfaces
  • The process of this blasting minimizes the operational cost and the maintenance cost of the machinery.
  • It also boosts the production rate that is the wider the abrasive selection, the better the blast pattern accuracy.
  • During this process the dust is swept away through a powerful vacuum and dust collection system that is available in the shot blasting machine.
  • Shot blasting is great for industries and machines as it helps to evade the usage of non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals for cleaning and maintenance.

Technologies Used in Shot Blasting Machines

There are two Technologies used in Shot Blasting and, i.e., Air Blasting and Wheel Blasting

Air Blasting : Air Blasting is a technique that is cast-off to treat metal the way the systems want. Air Blaster uses air pressure from the blast room, also known as the blast cabinet. The air blast machines are intended to infuse shots like glass beads through a nozzle using pressured air that is supplied by a compressor. However, Air Blasting Machines are divided into blowers’ types, direct gravity, and gravity suction.

The air blasting machine has a dust accumulator where the injected shots are re-circulated through the suction of force and separation from foreign matter as they are re-circulated and injected again. This dry process is eco- friendly. Apart from the regular blasting media being used, a media based on water mix can also be used in it for some of the unique applications, and this is referred to as wet blasting. The machine that uses air blasting can take the form of a blast cabinet; here, the blast media is accelerated with compressed air that is projected through nozzles in the component.

Wheel Blasting: An airless operation, the wheel blasting technique, uses a wheel with the centrifugal force for propelling the abrasive against the surface. This happens as the wheel spins at a speed of 3600 RPM with a high velocity and high-efficiency blasting operation with quicker time cycles. Owing to its high velocity, this type of blasting technique uses metallic abrasives like the steel shots, stainless steel shot and grit, steel grit, or cut the wire that are available in different hardness levels.

This technique works by converting the electric motor energy into abrasive kinetic energy through the process of continuous rotation of its wheels. Each wheel has a capacity that ranges from 60 kg per minute to 1200 kg per minute. The machines that use Wheel blasting are used in places that have significant parts or large areas of the parts that need to be cleaned at the same time. This is a blast operation technique, but instead of air, it uses a wheel that exhibits centrifugal force for propelling the abrasive against the parts of the surface being blasted.

Some of the significant advantages of wheel blasting offers are its speed of cleaning and its ability to efficiently blast large surfaces and components. Moreover, there is no need to use the compressed air for its operation, like in the case of the air blast equipment. This technique is exceptionally economically as blasting a significant component will require multiple air blast guns, but this technique does it in one go. Although, the high velocity is also its adversary as it can lead to damage to the parts which cannot handle the pressure of wheel blasting. Another drawback of wheel blasting is the limited options of the abrasive that can be used.

Shot Blasting is the procedure of driving abrasive media material with mechanical or centrifugal force. This blasting process is a much more hostile abrasive technique that is usually used for more abundant, more difficult preparation kinds of stuff that requires a strong force and a more in-depth media material to cleanse and prepare a surface. The method of this blasting produces a rough texture for improved adhesion of the decorative toppings; thus, it leaves the substrate dry or clean, which ultimately gets ready for recoating. Cast ironwork is also used as a shot blasting material for the removal of old paint layers.

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What is Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot blasting machine is equipment that is specially designed and produced for individual customer requirements. This machine is used for cleaning structure steel that strongly blasts the original condition steel parts to remove the surface rust, welding slag and scale, corrosion prevention effect and making it show a uniform metal colour with improved coating quality. The shot blasting equipment is composed of former auxiliary chamber, roller conveyor mechanism projectile cycle apparatus, dust removal system, maintenance platforms and electrical control system components.

Shot blasting machine mainly consist of six basic parts: blast wheel, cabinet, work handling mechanism, elevator, separator, dust collector. Different machines are used for different purposes like table type machine is used for heavy components and portable air operated machine is used for cleaning casting. The numbers of wheels installed in machine depends on the type of job to be shot blasted and rate of work. Role of shot also depends on work For example: A smaller size steel shot can be used to produce smooth polished surface while large shot can be used to remove heavy flash. In most industries shot blasting works by using wheel with paddle type blades that propel steel shot at surface with high velocity. This entire process is done in an enclosed chamber that separates the dust which is sent to separate dust collector. This entire process is controlled by many factors such as shot impact force, size of shot, rate of machine level and concentration used. Blast machines are used in welded construction industries by facility owners for cleaning, controlling of corrosion and preparing surfaces.

Advantage of Shot Blasting Machine

  • The use of three dimensional designs for shot blasting machine by the company department for avoiding any possible defects and omissions in the design.
  • Each year more than hundreds of roller cover shot blasting machinery is manufactured in the industry fields because of its great product design.
  • Clients are provided integrated one stop service with the main designers as the head of the entire project who have been responsible for the design of the product quality, production process, delivery, installation and the after sales service etc.
  • It cleans and descales surfaces
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life

Technical Support for Shot blasting Machine

  • The position of the shot blasting wheels is determined and arranged on the blasting cabinet that is confirmed by a three dimensional blast simulation system. Every machine with a non- standard drawing and mechanism is documented for convenient future maintenance of the shot blasting mc.
  • All the wheels used for blasting are tested for 60 minutes on load condition to ensure quality and safety for its regular use.
  • Improved cleaning effect with direct blast wheel that is highly efficient and works at a high speed.
  • Durability of material.
  • Pneumatic system is used for avoiding instances of people getting hurt and the generation of excessive abrasive waste.
  • The cabinet adopts the SPMn13 protective plates that give a working life up to 13000 hours. It is wear resistant yet convenient to replace.
  • It has safety interlocks that ensure the safety of the workers.
  • The machinery has sub control rooms in the front and end that are sealed with rubber plates that stops the overflow of the environmental cartridge dust collectors for ensuring the efficiency of up to 99.5%
  • Use of high quality of imported electrical appliances with a guarantee of quality of equipment for shot blasting mc.

Material used in a Shot Blasting Machine

The chamber of a shot blasting machine uses 8mm of thickness in the steel plates and the protection liner for the direct blasted area is 10mm in thickness SPMn13 steel tiles.

5mm thickness steel plates are used in front and back chamber, near the blasted chamber area, 65 Mn steel plate is installed for a protective purpose. Bucket elevator and separator use 4mm thickness steel plates. The rollers uses diameter 121mm seamless steel pipe with a thickness of 6mm. Metal ducting for dust collector has 2mm thickness steel plates.

The PL frequency inverter is Omron or Mitsubishi while other electric components use CHINT or each part structure of Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Shot Blasting Machine roller conveyor shot blasting machine is constructed with the use of shot blasting chamber, attaching shot blasting chamber, blast wheel assembly, and abrasive recycle system, electrical control components and dust removal system.
  • Roller conversion system includes a blast chamber roller, an inlet and outlet roller. Each of the sections of the roller use frequency changing motor to drive. Both the inlet and outlet roller use high quality seamless steel tube and shaft head that is welded together. The roller is machined after the welding process is complete for keeping enough load capacity and co axis. The welding of the roller shaft is done by high quality carbon steel seamless pipe and hardening is done with tempering spindle head. Outline and installing of dimensions are processed after welding to ensure the bearing and concentricity is perfect.
  • Shot blasting chamber indoor is tested by the computer dynamic simulation to completely avoid the blasting wheel direct throwing and abrasive secondary bounce hit, although the rollers are covered with easily changeable wear resisting sheath. Automatic control all rollers with frequency and speed changing, manual control for each section of the roller separately for adjustment and maintenance purpose. The inlet and outlet roller is driven independently with frequency and speed changes.
  • The front and back shot blasting chambers are attached with steel plate and structural steel welding structure. These together with cleaning chamber form the equipped cleaning space. Attaching the chamber internal wall (i.e. close to the shot blasting chamber) adopts the wear resisting rubber sheet to protect, all the guard plates that can be changed with ease and convenience.

Principle Projectile of the Shot Blasting Machine

The arrangement is simulated by the computer for the blasted wheels. These include 6 blast wheels on both the upper and the bottom of the cabinet to give through the blasting of the work pieces. These blast wheels function on the basis of transverse blasting theory. The blasting direction is designed in a way to create a 90 degree angle with the steel plate marching direction. Axial direction and the work piece form a proper angle to the perfect effect of blasting and to avoid the abrasive accumulation on the surface of the steel plate.

Features of the Shot Blasting Machine:

The welding of the steel plate and structural steel is the one that has sufficient strength and rigidity. The chamber body shape, size and blast wheel installation location are confirmed through the 3 D optimizing and dynamic simulation for ensuring the work-piece cleaning effect, also to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. The cleaning chamber uses 10mm thick SPMn13 that provides a durable service with good wear resistance. The guard plate holds down nuts that are made from chromium cast. The bottom of the inside chamber is equipped with a high chromium wear resistant cast iron plates with holes in it to avoid the abrasive destroy grating, hopper and the lower screw conveyor that has a long life.

The Shot Blasting Process

The double disc riveted together constitutes the impeller body that is equipped with eight leaves on the impeller body and the points located in the centre of the blast wheel installed on the one that is driven by the motor spindle. The hood is lined with a guard board that is directionally set to be mounted on the casing into the tube. With the synchronized rotating blades the velocity of the projectile is created. Projectile flies directionally out of the window, setting the orientation to clean up on the surface of work piece. Because the points round pill and the synchronous rotating blades ensure the projectile towards the blade with no vibration which reduces the wear and tear of the blade.

Features of the Shot Blasting Process:

  • Higher efficiency with special impeller structure where the blasting efficiency reaches 16-19 kg per min x kw.
  • Provides a protective liner and sealing as the top cover has a cast iron and is wearable rubber with two layers protecting and sealing it.
  • Lower noise because the blast wheel bottom has a cushioning rubber that reduces the vibration.
  • The runner wheel uses 40 cr material carburized and quenched. After it has been processed the runner needs to under the balance detection process.
  • For maintain precision and great balance when the rotation takes place at a high speed, all key machining parts is done by the CNC centre.
  • The present eight blades of the machine are very easy to remove, it only requires 5 to 10 minutes for the removal of the 8 pieces, at the same time the abrasion status of the impeller and Material of blades, control cage, impeller is high chrome alloy, which has long service life can be checked.
  • The difference between the weight of each piece of blade is lesser than 8 grams, this maintains a good balanced performance of the wheels.
  • It uses two dish impeller wheels that are compact and have high throw ability.

The Working principle of Shot Blasting Machines:

Abrasive mixture is lifted to the drum sieve by a bucket elevator, the drum sieve inside and outside has spiral blades. The inside spiral blade makes the large pieces to discharge; abrasive, sand and dust mixture after being sieved is then pushed outside the spiral blade which after that forms a flow curtain. By adjusting the weight of the position the abrasive can be completely separated.

The Electric System for Shot Blasting Machines:

All those using the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control, Omron or manual and automatic operations can easily realise the conveyor speed is controlled by the inverter that can step less speed regulation.

The entry at the production line, shot blasting room access door and the other important parts are all equipped with interlock switch devices for safety. The chamber for blasting of underground foundation pit is also equipped with lamp power sockets for easy lighting access.

Why are we the Best Shot Blasting Machine manufacturers & Suppliers in Faridabad, India?

we are the best shot blasting machine Manufacturers & Suppliers in Faridabad, India. Their well-qualified and experienced team ensures clients’ satisfaction with consignments require special care during storage and packaging. They can help you to get best fit particular and suitable shot blasting machine for best results & performance.

Along with it, we has become the primary choice of companies for shot blasting machine and its abrasives also the best quality shot blasting machine safety equipment. They are prominent shot blasting machine manufacturers in India and abroad due to a variety of factors given below.

  • Timely Delivery
  • Over 29 years Experience
  • We Caters for all Sectors
  • High Quality Finishes
  • Product Portfolio
  • Competitive prices
  • Ethical business practices
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Quality control procedure
  • Diligent workforce

Product Quality Matters

Our team gives paramount importance to quality and follow the all the rules to maintain the standards. Most importantly, they procure raw material for shot blasting machine from credible sources and use latest techniques in the manufacturing. They have a high-quality controller’s team, who ensures hi-tech equipment to assess the products on following points:

  • Efficiency
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Wear & tear resistance
  • Along with all above-mentioned parameters, their team ensures that all the products should be defect-free and comply with SAE/BIS/ASTM specifications.

Prominent Features of Our Shot Blasting Machine

  • Long service lives
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Excellent finish
  • Exceptional performance
  • Sound designs
  • Durability

We are focuses to maintain the immaculate client satisfaction record and to meet this objective, the emphasis on manufacturing only quality products and delivering the same on time. With business ethically and maintaining transparency in all deals, they have earned the faith of their clients.

Not only has this, Their CCE constantly made efforts to ensure that their esteemed patrons extract maximum benefit to the customer in comparison to other manufacturers. These are the quality of the quality spare centre that makes them top shot blasting machine manufacturers in faridabad, India.

What is shot blasting process?  

Shot blasting process carried out to prevent metal fatigue or cracking as well as for cleaning and surface hardening. In this method, the role of the shot is to remove impurities, rust, scattered pieces of rubbish or remains that may affect metal strength. It is environment friendly and a rapid, cost effective surface finishing method which is used for cleaning, polishing metal and other surface by applying high speed stream of shots.

What material is used for shot blasting?  

Shot Blasting uses different media to clean, polish and peen the metal surface. The different sizes and varieties of the steel media are meant for different purposes. Commonly, steel shots are used for surface cleaning and preparation for a surface profile before coating and painting. Steel grits are used to integrate surface roughness on thick surfaces, ferrous castings and fabricated parts as they enhance durability of surface. Garnet Steel Shot is recyclable and environmentally friendly and used for heavy duty industrial cleaning including tanks, shipbuilding and repairs while aluminum shots give strength, surface smoothness and cleans defect before painting of metal die-casting or hardware and machinery parts. Stainless steel wire shot is used for surface preparation of zinc, aluminium and copper workpieces for non-rust, gloss effect. Zinc shot too protects metal from corrosion and suitable for deburring of zinc or aluminum die cast parts. It is used in eliminating the surface defect in hardware tool and machinery manufacturing, automobile spare parts etc., and good for debugging.

Is shot blasting dangerous?  

It entirely depends on the method of operation. Shot blasting does create immense amount of dust and noise. Workers can fall on the round shots while performing but with right equipments available it could be avoided and be a life saver. Equipments like helmet, air supply, ear muff for hearing protection and body protection overall helps to get rid of minute particle that can reach the workers lung and cause serious damage.

What is the difference between shot blasting and sandblasting?  

Abrasive jet machining is also known as abrasive micro-blasting; this process uses abrasives propelled by a high velocity gas to erode material from the workpiece. Commonly this process includes cutting heat-sensitive, brittle, thin, or hard materials. Specifically it is used to cut intricate shapes or form specific edge shapes. Whereas, Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.

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