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Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Machine can feed a high efficient continuous operation which has large processing batch for its cleaning process. In the blasting area of the chamber, when the work piece will feed by the frequency conversion roller with electric control, each side of the body gets powerful and intensive shot hit. It makes the oxide skin and dirt off the stone surface quickly drops to get around bright and clean surface with certain roughness.

In this machine, shots Filled into the surface of work piece and the tiny dust delivers to the projectile circulation system by recycling spiral conveyor, loading/unloading on both sides of the compartment.

Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Applications of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Machine is mainly used for roughness processing of marble, artificial stone, granite and other so many things. It helps to Increase the stone surface friction coefficient, improve the ornate value of the product.

The Advantage of Stone Shot Blasting Machine:

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