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Portable Sand Blasting Machine

The portable Type Sand Blasting Machine has effectively been utilized on glass, ceramics, stone, metal, and plastic also. The portable sand blasting machine is safe, high productivity systems designed for a large number of surface preparations with using a wide range of abrasive media.

Debarring, De-flashing and stress relieving on any particular metal. The pressure vessels are tested to 250 psig and coded. The portable type sand blasting machine works on pressure blasting principle, consist of a blast generator and its pressure vessels are tested to 250 psig.

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

When the machine is not working and blast storage tank is not pressurized the abrasives can be filled at the top of machine at the same time the vibrating sieve is provided to sieve the abrasive-filled in the machine. Along with it, the mushroom valve is down then abrasive will get transferred to blast storage tank and these valves will get up, when abrasive storage tank would get pressurized, for free fall of abrasive into the mixing tube of this Portable type sand blasting machine.

At the time of operation, the abrasive will carry away by compressed air to the nozzle from the mixing tub. Meanwhile, the Blasting nozzles of the machine are specially designed that result in long service life. It has the control button ON / OFF that’s remote used by the operator and this remote requires no electricity.

Technical Features of Portable Type Sand Blasting Machine

Silent Features of Portable Type Sand Blasting Machine

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