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Shot Blasting Machine for Surface Preparation

Shot blasting provides an unmatched level of surface cleaning in comparison to other surface finishing methods. This is possible as, all the other surface preparations and techniques depend on the use of chemical reactions and processes so as to clean the surface of the machinery. Such surface cleaning preparations may be very effective in removing some forms of corrosion, but are not effective for other types. Shot blasting has significantly created a mark by acting as one of the most effective and being amongst one of the monetarily affordable techniques used for surface preparation before the operations like galvanizing, electroplating, enameling, welding, glass coating and scrubbing.

Shot blasting is useful for many industries, including the aerospace, shipbuilding, forging and steel industries, because it provides a uniform, rough or matte surface depending on the techniques used and the type of surface required.

We would now like to take this opportunity to talk a bit more about the real benefits of shot blasting compared to other techniques often used for surface preparation.

In addition, we would like to expose the types of shots commonly used and describe the situations in which they work best.

Types of Shots Used in Shot Blasting:

Different types of shots are used in shot blasting to achieve different results, let us look at a few of them:

Shot Blasting Machine for Surface Preparation

Benefits of Shot Blasting as a Surface Preparation Technique

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