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Shot Blasting Machine for Cast Iron Foundry

Shot blasting is used to clean surface as well as prepare it for further treatment. There is a wide use of sand and shot blasting process in many industrial areas like aviation, railways, automobile sector, shipbuilding and defense. The sand blasting machine is also used for cast iron foundry.

The Working of Shot Blasting:

Shot blasting is an effective method to clean up the surface of cast iron mold. Once the molded product has been taken out from the sand mold, it must be removed free of grit and dirt. Even a second time treatment can also be essential to finish the surface.

How Shot Blasting is Done:

Casting can including a heavy part or small number of pieces which can be placed in an enclosed cabinet on a rotating turntable. Once it starts rotating, shots of small steel balls strike towards the work piece at a fast rate and at varying angles through a pressurised nozzle. This impactful striking clears the surface and deburs it clean of any granules or roughness.

Since cast iron products do have tiny bits of marks of sand granules making the product somewhat rough and unfinished, shot blasting can remove the sand and also smoothen the area with shine and luster.

shot blasting machine for cast iron foundr

We can perform shot blasting with various types and sizes of abrasive media. Their density and material type can also differ from ceramic, glass to steel. The choice of media depends on the type of material to be blasted. Die cast material needs blast profile to study the surface roughness obtained. If you need a polished surface, glass bead media is the best bet but it may require polishing afterwards.

Material which may require a strip of coating without giving harm to the surface, then glass beads or baking soda is an effective option. But to get a fine profile for repainting, then options like crushed glass or aluminum oxide will be the better. However, aluminum oxide can be a little bit expensive than crushed glass initially.

Shot blasting is meant for cosmetic appearance of the surface to make it more smooth and slick. It is a good option for the casting parts to remove any small particles of sand or other materials from the surface. It gives an excellent preparation for painting and brings out the natural colour of the metal. Shot blasting also highlights any surface defects or small imperfections, such as porosity. Quality Spares Center suggests that initial guidance is necessary to make shot blasting successful for your projects.

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