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Shot Blast Machine for Heat Treatment

Shot Blasting is a finishing process to clean castings and prepare them for further treatment. It is widely used in many industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, rail, and marine industries. This technique is widely used in all the sand casting work.

Shot Blasting is the first process that is performed after the casting has been removed from the sand mold. It is sometimes also performed a second time after the heat treatment to improve the surface finish.

To keep your machines working at the optimum level, one must make use of heat treatment for your metal machines and parts as it is a crucial point for keeping the tools and equipment in the best of shape. As time passes, one may find the soft metals turn hard, while hard metals turn soft, or rust and corrosion become possible factors that lead to faulty equipment, which has a negative impact on the way work with such metals is done. Such a negative effect leads to low productivity that your metal tools and parts could otherwise provide. But heat treatment can bring life back into the damaged or degraded quality of the metal making it look as good as new and giving your productivity the much needed boost.

Shot Blast Machine for Heat Treatment

Unfortunately, however effective the heat treatment may be on the metals, it still does have some disadvantages. In the process of heat treatment the metal usually goes through the process of heating up and then cooling down. This effect results in the metal becoming discoloured and developing carbon build- ups. This means that your equipment may not result in looking the best and may also not function at the optimum level it has been designed for after the heat treatment.

But, shot blasting sorts it all. Shot blasting helps to restore your metal parts and machines into a uniform texture and colour, which further helps to boost functionality of the metal tools and machinery.

In the forging and foundry industries, the shot blasting process is widely used for deburring and cleaning of forgings and castings prior to the machining operation. A huge range of shot blasting machines has been developed for providing heat treatment.

The heat treatment at the Quality Spare Center can be used as a stress reduction treatment for pre plate treatment and post plate treatment.

Here at the Quality Spare Center, we also offer permanent high-temperature heat treatment solutions that diffuse the electro less nickel layer into the steel, leaving the coating flexible. This method does not affect the increased corrosion protection of this type of deposit.

Small components can be loaded into shelves to maximize heat treatment capacity and minimize the cost of treatment for our customers.

The employees of the Quality Spare Center monitor the temperature changes of the furnace and work with chart recording device. This allows us to create heat treatment profiles that determine the shot blasting solutions for the different requirements.

Our monitoring also ensures that the material reaches the required temperature for the required time, eliminating heat sinks on larger components or mixed loads.

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