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Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

When we talk about the Shot Blasting Machine, there is a name called ‘Quality Spare Center’ reflex in our mind, there is wide range of shot blasting machine they manufacture and supply. Shot blasting machines are used as per the need and demand of the client. Different types of shot blasting machines are available with Quality spare center; if we talk about Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machines. It is the most flexible machine. These machines are split into the Batch type Machines, in that one batch of parts moves in, starts rotating, gets blasted and moves out, and Continuous type Machines where the machines are equipped with a monorail system that moves the parts continuously through the shot blasting machine.

Hanger type of quality spare shot blasting machines are the AB37 Series is Compact in design, does not require a pit and consist of units featuring single hook, double hook, lifting and non-lifting style designed to peen castings, structural components, non-ferrous alloy parts.

Among other things the choice of the appropriate hanger type machines concept depend on the work pieces involved, the required level of performance and­ last but not least ­ on a customer’s needs regarding an optimized production process of the industries.

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine’s Capability:

Hanger-type blast machines are offered either for batch or continuous processing. Even Hanger type blast machines are the most flexible types of shot blasting machine. These machines are used to remove rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces. It is also used for the finish blast though there are so many intermediate designs that are oriented towards different kinds of conveyor systems. Mostly, different processes such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying can be interconnected via the overhead conveyor system. This process makes it possible to tap an enormous potential for streamlining its workflow.

Other processing variants are created by using different kinds of work piece holders to assist in the process of feeding work pieces to the blasting machine. Usually, in many cases the standard holders such as disks, baskets or rods can solve the application challenges. One can find benefits of the hanger-type Quality Spare Centers shot blasting machines, mentioned like this:-


Benefits of Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine:

  1. Heavy duty with compact and rugged design.
  2. Long life by highly wear-resistant materials.
  3. High blasting capacity and top efficiency.
  4. High operational safety with its operations.

Operation Criteria of Quality Spare’s Hanger Types Shot Blasting Machine:

Firstly, the work piece holders are suspended directly from the running gear’s rotating hook and the work pieces are then pushed into position in front of the shot blasting machine. An automatic feed mechanism then advances the work pieces to it starting blast position.

After starting the blasting program, the machines door would be automatically closed and electro-pneumatically locked. As the work pieces rotate, these would be blasted at three different blasting stations as per the pre-set blasting times.

The blasting abrasive would be continuously cleaned & reused. An abrasive metering device feeds the cleaned abrasive from the abrasive storage. Upon the completion of blasting cycle, the turbines would come to a complete stop, the machine door opens automatically and the suspended work pieces return to their initial stage.

The fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation and extracted air would be cleaned in a special filter unit of the shot blasting machine.

Features of the Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine:

  1. Economical abrasive consumption, reliable cleaning with dust collection feature.
  2. Easy integration into existing production lines of the machine.
  3. High sand separation capacity and also combined magnetic and air-wash separation system.
  4. Low maintenance due to its maintenance-friendly design
  5. Easy access to maintenance areas and easily replaceable its part.

TypeModelCleaning workpiece size
(diameter x height
Carry Capacity per unit hook
AB375Single-Hanger500 x 1000500
AB376Single-Hanger800 x 1200600
AB376EDouble-Hanger800 x 1200600
AB378Single-Hanger1000 x 1500800
AB378EDouble-Hanger1000 x 1500800
AB3710Single-Hanger1200 x 15001000
AB3710EDouble-Hanger1200 x 15001000
AB3720Single-Hanger1500 x 20002000
AB3720EDouble-Hanger1500 x 20003000
AB3730Single-Hanger1500 x 20003000
AB3750Double-Hanger2000 x 25005000

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