PanBlastTM CS48 Suction Blast Cabinet

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PanBlastTM CS48 Suction Blast Cabinet

The PanBlastTM CS48 Suction Blast Cabinet is an economically priced, light duty blast cabinet, which makes it ideal for lower production applications, which only require intermittent usage. The PanBlastTM CS48 cabinet is provided crated in partially knock down form to reduce delivery costs. Only basic hand tools are required to complete the assembly.

Features of PanBlastTM CS48 Suction Blast Cabinet:

  1. High performance suction gun assembly featuring 3mm (1/8") air tip with 6mm (1/4") blast nozzle.
  2. Unique three (3) access door layout for added versatility.
  3. 1200 watt high performance dust collector with replaceable dry filter cartridge.
  4. Extra-large 575mm (22.6") x 265mm (10.4") operator viewing window.
  5. Viewing window and cabinet light protective tear off covers.
  6. Partial knock down design for reduced delivery costs.
  7. Compressed air regulator and gauge assembly.
  8. Simple, robust foot pedal blast control.
  9. Adjustable abrasive feed control.
Pan Blast CS48

Commonly used abrasives:

  1. FastBlastTM Chilled Iron Grit
  2. QuickCutTM Aluminium Oxide
  3. BrightBlastTM Glass Beads
  4. EnviroGritTM Garnet
  5. PanaGritTM Steel Grit

Application of PanBlastTM CS48 Suction Blast Cabinet

is same as PanBlastTM CS34 Suction Blast Cabinet

PanBlastTM CS48 Blast Cabinet Assembly:

Stock Code Description
BEC-CA-0469-00 CS37 Cabinet - 110Volt
BEC-CA-0469-00 CS37 Cabinet - 240Volt
BEC-CA-0483-00 Cyclone kit (optional)

PanBlastTM CS48 Blast Cabinet parts lists:

Item  Stock Code Description Quantity
1 BAC-CA-0478-00 Light Window 1
2 BAC-CA-0479-00 Foot Pedal 1
3 BAC-CA-0480-00 Glove Clamps 2
4 BAC-GL-0006-00 Gloves 1 pair
5 BAC-CA-0481-00 Cabinet Window 1
6 BAC-CA-0482-00 Dust Collector Motor - 110 Volt 1
7 BAC-DC-0036-00
Dust Collector Motor - 240 Volt 1
8 BAC-DF-0022-00 Dust Collector Filter 1
9 BAC-NZ-0503-00 Suction Gun Blast Nozzle - 6mm (1/4") 1
10 BAC-BG-0092-00 Suction Gun Nozzle Nut 1
11 YAC-BS-0082-00 O-Ring 1
12 BAC-BG-0093-00 Suction Gun Body 1
13 BAC-BG-0094-00 Suction Gun Air Jet - 3mm (1/8") 1
14 BAC-BG-0095-00 Air Jet Lock Nut 1
15 BAC-BG-0096-00 Air Jet Sleeve 1
16 BAC-BG-0097-00 Suction Gun Assembly 1

PanBlastTM CS48 Blast Cabinet parts lists:

Side Door Opening 509mm (20") Wide 495 mm (19.5") High
Top Door Opening 1170mm (46") Wide
307mm (12") High
Internal Dimensions 1215mm (47.8") Wide
610 mm (24") Deep
575 mm (22.6") High
Overall Dimensions Assembled 1320mm (52") Wide
930 mm (36.6") Deep
1670 mm (65.7") High
Window Dimensions 575mm (22.6") Wide
265mm (10.4") High
Shipping Dimensions<. 1270 mm (50") Wide
1250 mm (49.2") Deep
760 mm (30") High
Shipping Weight 125Kg (276 lbs)
Cabinet Light 2 x 18 Watt
Dust Collector Motor 1200 Watt
Compressed Air Requirement 8.5 L/Sec (18cfm) @ 550kPa (80 psi)
Air Supply Line 10mm (3/8")
Pan blast CS48

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