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Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine

Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine is to produce roughness on the surface so that it can become non-slippery in nature.

Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine is employed to supply paver block surface rough texture. It provides twin advantage foremost subject field end provides outstanding appearance as a result of the rough surface and therefore the exposed aggregates. Second ‘roughened’ surface has excellent non-slip properties.

Features of Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine are as follows:

Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine

Rubber Belt Conveyor:This machine consists of special rubber belt conveyor at inlet and outlet as material handling systems and stone/granite slabs are placed on the inlet side of the rubber belt conveyor, at the point, it enters into the inlet channel.

Inlet Tunnel Blast Wheels:Apart from it, inside the inlet tunnel blast wheels fires the abrasive at high velocity and move slabs & cleaning them from the upper surface or textured them perfectly.

VFD control Blast Wheels:It has VFD control Blast Wheels so that according to the various thicknesses of slabs and media velocity can also be adjusted easily.

Dust controller:In this machine, a Dust collection system is provided which will continuously remove the dust and fine particles and keep them inside of the machine. So, it ensures to keep environment dust & make the operation pollution free.

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