Spinner Hanger Double Door Type Shot Blasting Machine

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Spinner Hanger Double Door Type Shot Blasting Machine

This Shot Blasting Machine is Double Door Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine that has two numbers of doors attached to a hanger. In this technology, a hanger common rotating friction drive for rotating and a hanger will be located on top of the chamber both are for rotating friction.

In this system, the job will be blasted in the chamber with one hanger door and at the same time, another job can be loaded with second hanger door. However, loading and unloading will be done simultaneously in this process.

Spinner Hanger Double Door Type Shot Blasting Machine

When you blast through first hanger door, open the second hanger door, now you can close a first door on which the job was already loaded. In that case, both blastings will simultaneously don in each hanger door.

When hangar door is loaded then close the door and set the required time on the timer for blasting. It will automatically start to feed the abrasive on the rotor and the blasting process start. As soon as blasting get complete it will stop automatically.

The operation time for this process can be set between 5 to 10 min or as per the part which is being shot blasted. After the blasting process, the chamber will come out through hopper, then to abrasive separation system and whatever abrasive collected. Meanwhile, recycling system and the dust will be sucked by the dust controller.

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