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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is shot blasting machine?   

Ans. Shot blasting machine is a mechanical method of propelling abrasive using a centrifugal wheel to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. General, blasting prior to finishing serves three primary purposes:-

  • It cleans and descales surfaces
  • Adds texture to enhance paint adhesion
  • Properly reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life

Q.2 What is sandblasting?   

Ans. Sandblasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface and shape a surface or to remove the surface contaminants. Sand used to be the most commonly used material, but since the lung disease silicosis is caused by extended inhalation of the dust created by sand, other materials are now used in its place.

Q.3 What is the process of shot blasting?   

Ans. Shot blasting is a method used to clean, peen or polish metal. Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including construction, foundry, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, rail etc. There are two technologies used in shot blasting:

  • Wheel blasting
  • Air blasting

Q.4 what is wheel blasting?   

Ans. Wheel blasting is the airless blast operation that uses a wheel with centrifugal force to propel the abrasive against the parts. It is a high velocity, high efficiency blasting operation with typically quick time cycles for the operation.

Q.5 What is Air Blasting?   

Ans. Air blasting is also called as air cannon, used to clean, peen or polish metal. It is a de-clogging device composed of two main elements:

  • Pressure vessel
  • Triggering mechanism

Q.6 What is sandblaster?   

Ans. Sandblaster is the machine that used for the operation of forcibly propelling and stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Q.7 What is difference between shot blasting and sand blasting?   

Ans. Sand blasting and shotblasting both are the process which is being utilized in mechanical surface cleaning. Many industries who use metal apply these methods in daily practices for removing of corrosion, paint and other films and preparing the surface for coating. In both methods, cast iron work is also blasted to remove old paint layers. But the differences between both processes are only for principle and application types.

Q.8 What's the difference between sand blasting and abrasive jet machining?   

Ans. Abrasive jet machining is also known as abrasive micro-blasting; this process uses abrasives propelled by a high velocity gas to erode material from the workpiece. Commonly this process includes cutting heat-sensitive, brittle, thin, or hard materials. Specifically it is used to cut intricate shapes or form specific edge shapes. Whereas, Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface.

Q.9 Which company provides affordable and quality repair services for Sand blasting Machine?   

Ans. The ‘Quality Spare Center’ is one of the leading manufacturers for sand blasting machine and its equipment. They provide one-year free service with their machine and also provide quality service for other make of sandblasting machine at the affordable price.

Q.10 Where can I get premium service & attractive prices for Sandblasting?   

Ans. To choose a quality product of sandblasting machine, after comparing the products quality & performances and price most of the experts prefers ‘Quality spare center’s sand blasting machine’. Because they offer genuine, economical and quality spares for all type of Sand blasting machine as company name start with quality their product also shows it.

Q.11 What is the purpose of shot blasting?   

Ans. The purpose of Shot blasting is to clean the surface and polish or strengthen the metal. It is used in almost every industry that uses metal such as Construction Company, foundry, shipbuilding, railways, aerospace, automobile company and so many other industries.

Q.12 How Many types of Shot Blasting?   

Ans. There are two types of shot blasting:-

  • Grit blasting-In this types of shot blasting, there is particle size sand process called sandblasting processing. Sand is basically used to eliminate foreign deposits, so the polish surface sandblasting surface treatment is to remove the paint or add texture. Meanwhile Silica particles are also guided to the surface using air gun.
  • Abrasive blasting-This process is used to implement the height of the wear & tear. Usually abrasive blasting is used in a hard metal surface to clean & reach very high pressure. Meanwhile, it is used quite like small steel ball, broken glass, etc.

Q.13 What is sand and shot-blasting?   

Ans. Sandblasting is the most popular process for cleaning debris and rust on surfaces that require coating or painting. Therefore it is to prepare the surface for coating. If we talk about the Sand or sharp, these elements are used to chisel particles from the surface. With shotblasting, parts of a material are conditioned through creation of a compressive stress layer and a chipping hammer is also used sometimes.

Q.14 How should I remove shots after shot blasting?   

Ans. If you are facing any problem related to removal of shots after shot blasting, air washing can be a solution considering because it is done in controlled environment with dry pressurized air. Therefore better to use air washing after shot blasting to remove shots.

Q.15 What is shot peening?   

Shot peening is a cold work process used to finish metal parts to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failures and prolong product life for the part. Shot peening is the most economical and effective method of producing and making surface residual compressive stresses to increase the product life of treated metal parts. In shot peening, small spherical shot bombards the surface of the part to be finished.

Q.16 What is Abrasives blasting?   

Ans. Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Q.17 What is shot blasting and metallizing?   

Ans. Shot blasting is the process of surface protection and also prior-preparation of surfaces prior to further processing, such as welding, colorings etc. Metallizing is the general technique of coating metal on the surface. Metallic coatings may be decorative, protective or functional. Meanwhile, this process requires high precision and accuracy as coated surface requires having a smooth finishing rate on the particular object.

Q.18 What is the utility of Abrasive Blasting?   

Ans. Abrasive blasting can accelerate the handling of a surface for painting. Before you can get a stand-out sparkle you have to ensure that the majority of the old paint is evacuated. The speediest and most productive approach to expel that is through water impacting.

Q.19 What is Soda blasting?   

Soda blasting is the process in which sodium bicarbonate is applied against a surface using compressed air. It is a very mild form of abrasive blasting, much milder than sand blasting.

Q.20 what are the different types of blasting?   

Ans. There are many types of blasting, Silica Sand or Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide refers to ordinary sand, which is also known as silica or quartz.

  • Soda blasting
  • Shot Grit Blasting
  • Steel sandblasting
  • Glass Bead blasting
  • Bristle blasting
  • Water blasting
  • Air Blasting
  • Sand abrasive blasting

Q.21 what are the useful effects of Shot Blasting Machines’ Blasting?   

Shot blasting machines’ blasting benefits are as follows:

  • It provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy
  • The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content.
  • Shot blasting facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat (zinc, paint or epoxy) and the shot blasted surface. It also helps to detect surface faults or defects.
  • It eliminates the usage of non-ecofriendly and harsh chemicals.
  • Increases longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the shot blast cleaned and scale free surface

Q.22 What types of blasting machines are you offering?   

We are offering best quality Shot, Sand and hanger types blasting machines such as:-

Shot Blasting Machine:
  • Paver block shot blasting machine
  • Spinner hanger shot blasting machine
  • Spinner Hanger double door type of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Stone shot blasting machine
  • Coil shot blasting Machine
Sand Blasting Machine:
  • Portable type sand blasting machine
  • Cabinet type sand blasting machine
  • Suction gun types of sand blasting machine
Hanger types of blasting machine:
  • Hanger types double door shot blasting machine
  • Hanger type single door shot blasting machine
  • Hanger type Y shape shot blasting machine

Q.23 In which Applications shot blasting machines are used?   

Ans. Industries including forging plants, chemical & petroleum industries, heavy engineering industries, railways & defense organizations and mostly those who uses metals, has the requirement of shot blasting machine. When it comes to the result & performance of the shot blasting machine, customer reacts differently from the company’s claim. Though, blast results are based upon the types of machine along with the selected blast medium of the machine.

Q.24 Do you know sandblasting?   

Yah! Sand blasting is the process of sanding a surface to remove rough edges or foreign materials. It makes sanding much easier, as sand blasting is pressure-driven meanwhile, it can easily reach hard-to-sand areas like crannies and nooks. If we talk about the Blasting, it is done by using compressed air to blow sand through a nozzle for a smooth & clean finish. Along with it, Sandblasting procedure also depends on the project; you can use abrasive materials other than sand to prepare a surface for repainting and refinishing.

Q.25 What kind of sand should I use for sandblasting?   

Ans. It depends on the machine that you are using and the kind of sandblasting that you are about to do. Mostly, Slag & Quartz sand is being used because of these material help to remove the impurities and make the product smoother too. Meanwhile, fine sand is not a good idea to choose for sandblasting because it may not have the same kind of impacts. Apart from it, look at the type of machinery that you are using for sandblasting. It can help you give an idea about the types of sand would work the best particular products you are going to sandblast. Meanwhile, the size of the product also matters to choose a kind of sand for sandblasting. So, you can visit our website to check it out with your local sandblasting expert.

Q.26 Can I use sand blasting sand for my hamsters?   

Most of the sandblast abrasives like Garnet, Emerald is non-toxic, and Silica is an example of one that is not. Make sure, a larger the grit size the less dusty and “sticky” to surfaces or sweaty palms. Therefore, avoid sharp splintery abrasive like Kleen Blast and expect price variations between abrasives. You can go ahead and buy the best sandblasting abrasives for effective sandblasting and use that with hamsters.

Q.27 What are the best usages of Quality Sandblasting work?   

Ans. Quality sandblasting work is to ensure a surface treatment and cleaning process at an optimum level. Today, we find a variety of abrasive medium, different air pressures which are being used on different surfaces. Usually, Sandblasting ranges from homes to industrial equipment and from wood or brick. Sandblasting process is like a skill and an art, and both become more challenging and require more talent especially at the time when moving from different metal to bricks or floors. It is an easy common good usage for cleaning and repainting older metal equipment. Quality Spare Centre provides different types of Quality Sand blasting Machines and Abrasives.

Q.28 What is the market growth of Sand blasting Services in India?   

Ans. If we talk about the first sandblasting process, it was patented in the US in 1870. Today, it is being used for priming a surface for the application of paint in almost every country. As far as Indian Market is the concern, it has made a vast space in it. By launching small bits of abrasive at the surface at a high speed, all imperfections are knocked loose and can then be easily washed off, creating an incredibly smooth surface upon which to lay the new layer of paint. It saves time and is more efficient than sandpaper; due to time and quality requirement Sandblasting has a high market growth. Hence, there is only some company in India, who provides a quality product of the sandblasting machine. To get more information about sand blasting services in India or to get a quality product get in touch with Quality Spare Centre’s expert team.

Q.29 What is the main function of shot blasting machine?   

The main function of shot blasting machine is the motion of projectile to hit the metal surface for removing contamination of surface to improve strength of metal. Blasting machine perform many tasks like cleaning, rust removal, producing uniform cosmetic finish, texturing for mechanical function, texturing for adhesion, die casting etc. Blasting machine also provides protection of metal from corrosion which may occur depending on environmental and working conditions. It leaves substrate dry and clean preparing surface for recoating.

Q.30 Who should choose to buy shot blasting machine?   

Every industry that uses metal including foundries, forging plants, automotive industries, chemical and petroleum industries, ship building industries, heavy engineering industries, Indian railways defense organization etc. can buy blasting machine.

Q.31 What should we know before buying a shot blasting machine?   

Points to remember while buying shot blasting:

  • 1. Purpose or the end use of the machines to be clearly communicated to machine manufacturer to enable him provide you the best fit for your intended
  • 2. Type of Shot Blasting Machine because each type of machine have different approach to surface preparation.
  • 3. Machine should be chosen on the basis of type and thickness of material that are you trying to remove.
  • 4. Depends on production rate that you need to achieve.
  • 5. Quality of inner fender of shot blasting machine is of prime importance as it helps to determine life of shot blasting machine.
  • 6. Other factors like cleaning efficiency, area, and dust protection are also valuable inputs while choosing shot blasting machine.
  • 7. Machine selection based on type of power (electricity, compressed air etc.) that you used which is best suited for your needs and job conditions.
  • 8. Most important budget: you can justify the cost of purchasing your own machine if you do lot of surface preparation work otherwise sub contracting the work makes sense.

Q.32 What is meant by Sweep Blasting?   

To protect metal surface, a thick coating of zinc is covered on steel or iron to prevent it from rusting because the zinc coating prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying surface. Zinc acts as a strong deterrent against rust and is a wonderful coating medium for nickel polish on plastic and metal. But it can develop oxide which deters effective galvanization and can loosen up paint particles from its surface.

For application of organic paint onto a surface before it is galvanized, the oxidized layer of zinc must be removed so that zinc surface can be coated successfully with a smooth finish and paint grip. This removal means treating with abrasive sweep blast cleaning for the preparation of a galvanized coating prior to the application of an organic coating.

Since the outer layer of pure zinc requires very little impact or scouring to get required surface roughness, the blasting process should lightly roughen the surface without removing a major amount of the galvanized coating. The purpose of this procedure is to remove the oxide film from the zinc surface. Light sweep blasting can provide maximum topcoat adhesion over galvanizing.

Q.33 What is concrete Shot Blasting?   

Concrete Shot Blasting is the process of resurfacing layer made of concrete to retreat its look like a new preparation. For lifelong concrete grounding, concrete overlays are best but they require a clean and solid base to grasp the surface permanently. For this homework, treating a concrete floor with shot blasting ensures that you have a perfect dirt free surface to overlay it.

Concrete Shot Blasting Removes all substances that could inhibit the bonding of the overlay due to dirt, oil and grease. Similarly, it chisels out any old coatings, sealers or paints applied to the surface area apart from filling minor cracks, spalling, scaling or delamination to a solid concrete form.

The abrader effectively roughens the profile to improve the "grip" of the overlay. Thus, cement shot blasting is an effective way to prepare concrete substrates for resurfacing.

Q.34 What is Shot Peening ? What is the Purpose of using this Process?   

Shot peening is a cold work process that effectively treats finish metal parts with small metallic shots by compression to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failures. The process prolongs product life also. In shot peening, small spherical shots are shot at the surface of the part to be finished. The hammering action of the shots creates small dimple beneath the surface causing compression stresses under each dimple. As the media continues to strike the part, it forms multiple overlapping dimples throughout the metal surface being treated and the compression stress strengthens the metal to resist corrosion fatigue and cracking. It can include wheel blasting, ultrasounic peening and laser peening. Cut wire metal shots are also used as a medium.

Shot peening is done in the automotive industry on gear parts, gear wheels, springs, etc. and also in foundaries for sand removal, descaling and finishing of casting. Due to its compression strength, it is a crucial process in spring making.

Shot peening not only increases the product life of treated metals but improves wear characteristics, distortions and surface texturing too. Used in creating aerodynamic curvatures, the increased strength of treated parts allows for lighter-weight parts to resist higher wear and fatigue values.

Q.35 What is the process of shot blasting?   

Shotblasting uses small metallic shots intended to clean, strengthen or polish metal. It includes two technologies used: wheelblasting or airblasting.

Wheelblasting – This process directly converts electric motor energy into kinetic abrasive energy by rotating a turbine wheel. It is used for heavy equipments and large metal parts to be treated, derusted, or descaled.

Air Blasting – For smaller treatments, airblast machines are used in the form of blast cabinet which eject the blast media by compressed air through a nozzles onto the component. Wet blasting is also used for special applications with a media-water mix.

The media is pumped out using compression in the blasting cabinet and it forcefully strikes the surface intended to be treated. Upon impaction, the area is peened, polished or derusted.

Q.36 What do you mean by sand blasting?   

Sand blasting is an effective way to shape or smoothen a surface of any material using compressive force. When blast media is thrown out of a blasting machine from a nozzle using compressive force, it strikes the surface directed by friction to remove paint, rust, grease or just treat it for recoating. For peening or polishing also, different media can be used. While grit materials are used to blast a layer similar to that of a sandpaper, soft media like ground nut shells and corncobs are best for wooden applications and soft surfaces.

Q.37 Why Sandblasting is done?   

The main purpose of sand blasting is to remove paint or rust and other surface-pollutants from machinery, cars, houses and almost any other surface. Meanwhile, it is a surface treatment process widely used in a variety of different industries for various purposes.

Q.38 What is the use of Sand blasting?   

To Remove paint or rust from the surface Sand blasting is highly recommend. This process is forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth or rough the surface. Sand blasting can lead to the paint looking uneven when it cures and bubble once the project gets finished.

Q.39 What is a Sandblaster job?   

The sandblaster works to clean and abrade a surface, typically metal, of any rust, paint or other unwanted surface materials. In this technology, the hose connects to the air tank, and the hopper is filled with an abrasive to ensure best results without any obstacles.

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