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UltraTecno Cleaning Machines are created for the specific purpose of removing a substantial volume of clinging dirt. Its unique quality is used to clean objects of any size, shape, or technological complexity, getting into crevices and cavities inaccessible to standard cleaning techniques. Removing problematic contaminants from various types of hard surfaces, including metals, polymers, and ceramics, is a common application for ultrasound in the industry.

The following is the principle of the ultrasonic cleaning procedure. Immersion plates are fixed or attached to the cleaning tank and have Piezo Electric transducers. They produce ultrasonic waves that accelerate the cleaning fluid's vibrations and lead to a phenomenon known as cavitation. Dirt and grime are removed within seconds when millions of tiny bubbles rupture within the cleaning solution and enter every gap of the object being cleaned.

The design and construction of Alteration cleaning products are distinctive, and they are made for high performance and extended life.

The ACM-ICM Series are High Power Ultrasonic machines that are specifically made for heavy cleaning tasks including mould maintenance, paint removal, heat exchanger/filter cleaning, and engine maintenance (marine, automotive/truck, power generation).

The cleaning procedure is carried out automatically without the operator's involvement. Depending on the type and quantity of dirt to be removed, the material of the parts, the cleaning substance used, loading capacity, and the water temperature (which may be adjusted up to 90oC), the cleaning procedure can take anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine ACM-750N

Actuator → UltraTecno's unique ultrasonic plates are used exclusively in UltraTecno cleaning machines. In comparison to traditional technology, these plates are more than 25% thicker, significantly lowering the risk of ultrasonic erosion and fatigue-related fissures in the metal surface while also offering a more consistent cleaning.

Ultrasounds Tank - 840 liter

Constructed with type 304 stainless steel plate (thickness: 3 mm).

Internal Dimensions →

Tank 1.400 mm 800 mm 750 mm
Tray 1.335 mm 630 mm (480 mm)

Elevator Tray : The parts are easily placed on the tray for its cleaning. The tray is activated pneumatically/hydraulically. Our range includes operation loads of up to 1,500 kg. Higher capacities are available upon request.

Heating : The cavitation process is accelerated by the heating system, which also increases the solubility of grease and dirt in water.

28 kHz Digital Generators : The Digital High-Power Ultrasound Generator ensures the greatest outcomes in industrial applications by delivering effective sonic power at a frequency of 28 kHz. It has 8 flushing routines with adjustable frequency (2%) to ensure that each transducer operates as efficiently as possible.

Multilingual Colour Touch Screen : It enables simple control of the device's automatic mode, which has a cap of three pre-set cycles. There is no need for human supervision when cleaning. For the devices to operate at their best, the user can adjust every setting.

UltraTecno’s Unique Characteristics

For lifetime durability, UltraTecno offers complete stainless steel construction with strong design & construction. UltraTecno Cleaning Machine’s major features are:

Best Cleaning Machine with Best Performance in the Entire Market

Patented Laminar Flow System (LFS)

Oil is removed from the main tank utilizing the patented Laminar Flow System (LFS) with an auxiliary tank, best system for extending the life of a bath.

The UltraTecno Green Label for Energy Efficiency

Major features that help UltraTecno Cleaning Machine consume Lowest Energy Consumption:

  • 50mm of extra-triple thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Automatic Eco Mode at night
  • Electrical Consumption Manager
  • Insulated top lid with a 30 mm thickness and a neoprene seal

Why UltraTecno Cleaning Machine?

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine ACM-750N

High-power equipment from the ACM Series is intended for use in industries that need effective cavitation for de-carbonization or the removal of incrustations.

UltraTecno lead the market thanks to their digital low-frequency synchronized technology (28 kHz).

Additionally, the device uses little electricity and detergent, saving big money annually on operating expenses. The primary advantages are:

  1. Hydraulic elevator (accelerates and visibly improves the cleaning process)
  2. 28 kHz digital generators and cleaning tanks with a high power density. In the process of de-carbonization, this technology is essential.
  3. Green Label Seal to achieve a large annual energy saving. Thermal insulators and a strong cover for everyday heating needs.
  4. LFS oil separator to keep the water clean and prolong the detergent's useful life.
  5. 7” Large Multilingual Touch Screen- With maintenance modules, settings, detergent dosage, and more.
  6. Frequency modulated digital and synchronized generators are used to maximize each transducer's performance and guarantee uniform cleaning. In the process of de-carbonization, this technology is essential.
Sand blasting Machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine ACM-750N

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