webmaster- Safety Equipment

New and Used Shot Blasting Machines and Spare Parts for All Needs


Webmaster- Safety Equipment

Tungten Carbide Aluminium Jacketed Stick- Up Nozzles

The ridged aluminum jacket on these nozzles means that they can be located in 32 mm I.D. blast hose and secured in place with a jubilee type clip. Health and safety restrictions may apply on some sites.

Up Nozzles

Blast Helmets

The Panorama and Commander blasting helmets are made of light weight glass fiber re-enforced polyester and are equipped with a rubber coating that provides the helmet a wear resistant surface and limits the effects of sounds caused by the rebounding of blast particles.

Blast Helmets

Painting Hood Junior

Assembled using totally clear acetate components . Light duty full transparent clamps for disposable visors.

Painting Hood Junior


Graco,s new, more powerful Xtreme sprayers with new NXT technology offer new features that will increase your productivity. Its air motor lasts 10 times longer than the Graco King. The Xtreme NXT will handle your toughest coatings and corrosion control applications. Multiple models and configurations are available ensuring you get the precise pressure and output you need for your high performance coatings spraying applications. Features Superior performance-10% more pressure and improved flow. Lower Maintenance Costs-Finish routine maintenance and repairs in half the time of competitors, pumps Longer Life-Plasma CoastTM rods and Xtreme SealTM packing’s more than double the life of the pump.

Xtreme sprayers

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