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Used Shot Blasting Machine for Sale in India

When you search for a used shot blasting machine for sale in India, it is like an unsaid rule that you ought to know the details of every part that constitutes a shot blasting machine. Read on to get help and a clearer understanding on what shot blasting is and what its machine is like.......

Shot blasting is generally identified by the process where rubbing of a material takes place by pressure, this pressure may be applied with a blasting media that generates friction on the treated surface. This process is mostly intended to clean or polish a metal. Some of the industries that use shot blasting machine are automotive, construction, rail, aerospace, steel construction and ship building etc. Since this machine has huge applications in the industrial world almost all manufacturing or engineering units prefer to used shot blasting machine for sale over other regular techniques to treat and peen before painting the metal. There are two methods which are used for strengthening, polishing and cleaning of metal, that are wheel blasting and shot blasting.

After knowing why exactly you would require a used shot blasting machine let us now look at the equipment that is necessity to manufacture a shot blasting machine.

Types of Shot Blasting Machine Equipment

Blasting Wheels: In this the wheels propel the abrasive against the parts of a blast operation machine that is airless. The force these wheels use is called centrifugal force. These wheels spin at a speed of 3600 RPM. As one can understand from the speed of these wheels they are used for higher efficiency and velocity.

Brush Assemblies: The machine consists of brush rollers made up of stainless steel; these brushes are used for controlling vibrations within the machine.

Roller Conveyors: The machine has different conveyors for different uses such as for cleaning metal plates in different industries.

Used Shot Blasting Machine for Sale in India

Material Transfer System: The machine consists of a storage pot, referred to as the material transfer system that helps in transferring the material to the desired areas of the machine.

Elevator Belt Assemblies: These elevator belt assemblies are manufactured with different quality of rubber. The quality of the rubber determines the durability of the rubber.

Rotary Screens: Safety comes first and using technology that is safe should be the top priority, even in a shot blasting machine. The rotary screens in the machine are used for saving screens of the machine while they are in an operational mode.

Dust Collector and Air- wash Separator: Just like in humans there are lungs in the machine as well that are designed for collecting dust and used for separating air wash. After blasting the dust from the blast cabinet needs to be removed. This process is completed with the help of the dust collectors. These dust collectors are installed within the machine to increase their life span. They separate the contaminants from dust providing air system across the air- wash. This part is extremely important; therefore make sure to check its functioning before buying a used shot blasting machine.

Electrical Control Panels: Electrical Switchgear panels are used for operating and controlling the machine.If you are looking for used shot blasting machine, Quality Spares Centre should be your ideal choice as they are the acknowledge industry leader and have been known for maintaining superior customer satisfaction with a prompt qualitative service. We represent major international brands in this sector while following international after sales standards. We are committed to our core values of providing excellence and supreme customer satisfaction as well as providing a product line that functions with precision and productivity for years.

Our importance is on providing an epitome of quality and to follow the strictest measure of standards by testing the range of product available with us. Our policy is to obtain raw materials from the most credible sources and use of latest techniques for the production of the machines. Our standards also ensure the use of quality controllers who make use of highly advanced technical equipment for assessing our products on the below mentioned parameters:

The product line up is tested to be certified as defect- free and one that complies with BIS/ ASTM/ SAE specification, giving you the best range of used shot blasting machine.

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