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Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine

These cabinet types of sandblasting machine are suitable for surface treatment of all products such as metal, glass, plastic etc. and removing oxide skin from any particular products. In this technology, Residues burrs and scratches can also be used for decoration light, matte and strengthen management at the time of the operation.

Advantage of Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine

The cabinet type of sand blasting machine is much beneficial for the surface preparation. In this machine, the cyclone separation system and dust removal system, the separator will separate the abrasive from a bust. The dust removal system of this technology can deal with and collect emit useless dust, dust removing effect of good reduce the cost of abrasive and improve the efficiency of almost every type of the surfaces. The best part of this machine, it is environmentally friendly, at the time of the operation there will be no pollution at your place.

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Features of Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine:

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