Shot Blasting Machines- Effective Uses and Hazards

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Shot Blasting Machines- Effective uses and Hazards

One can’t take optimum use of machinery without knowing the function criteria & parts of any particular equipment. It is essential for the user to know that hazards of any machine during its operation to take maximum advantage by using the machine more effectively. If we talk about the effective use of shot blasting machine, user will have to aware about the shot blasting machines parts & hazards points during shot blasting. It cannot only improve the performance of the machine but productivity too.

Before we discuss more about the parts and effective use of shot blasting machine, first of all we will have to understand the basic concept of the shot blasting machine process. If we talk about the shot blasting machine equipment there are six main parts in the machine which plays vital role in shot blasting process. Let’s have a look on these six parts of the shot blasting machine so that we can deeply understand how one can use a shot blasting machine effectively.

  1. Blast wheel- The wheels are the backbone of every shot blasting machine. There are number of wheels are installed in the shot blasting machine, it depend on the type of work to be shot blasted. Apart from it efficiency & cleaning also depends on the quality of the wheel therefore it should have quality component used in the machine for effective shot blasting process.
  2. Cabinet- the cabinet of shot blasting machine is involved in the articles that is to be treated in closed, for vibration free shot blasting process. Cabinet is generally made by the string steel or other abrasive material, lined with wear resistant alloy. To use shot blasting machine effectively one should do proper inspection of its door and air ventilation procedure.
  3. Shot Blasting Machines Effective uses
  4. Work Handling Mechanism-It depends on the types of shot blasting machine you are using as per your job requirement, also on the size & quality of the items. If we talk about the Tumblast machine, we have to look up on the conveyor belt or rubber belt used in the machine should not get damage during tumbling to insure effective blasting. Meanwhile table type of shot blasting machine parts must be positioned again and again on table to assure complete cleaning of the surface. Apart from it in hanger type shot blasting machine sometime parts get suspended on the trees hung, then special fixtures usually carried into the abrasive stream. We also have to look after its maintenance timely for its effective use.
  5. Elevator of the Machine- the abrasive recovery system is recovered at the bottom of the shot blasting machine cabinet and connected to screw conveyor on base of elevator, that carries the separator also. Production rate of the machine may go down if elevator would not work properly therefore one should know its function and maintenance which is required by the machine time to time.
  6. Air Separator- When abrasive material enters into the blast wheel, that must be cleaned in all contaminants for the effective use of the machine, Cleaning of abrasive from the blast wheel is the main role of a separator in the shot blasting machine, so it should keep working properly it the time of shot blasting process.
  7. Dust Collector- it is the most essential part of shot blasting machine for the filtration. Dust collector is to retrieve dust during shot blasting process; one can also understand uses of DC in the machine as per its name. The dust which usually laden air from the separator & cabinet ventilation. User should assure dust controller proper work during shot blasting for pollution free environment and for the health of labours working in the industries.

In case Shot blasting machine fails to observe proper operation due to the lake of knowledge about its uses parts & hazards points and necessary action which is required at the time of the hazards that could be faced at the time of shot blasting. It has also found the bad performance of a machine effects on the productivity, which often goes down up to 30/35% as per the research. Meanwhile it can also be increased up to 20 to 30 % than its normal uses; therefore it is mandatory to know about its Parts functions during the blasting, for the effective use and better productivity. Hence, user don’t not face any kind of problem with ‘Quality Spare’ shot blasting machine because ‘Quality Spare’ usually manufacture genuine product and also care for the customer before and after sale. So better to go with Quality Spare machines while buying a machine for your industry to get maximum productivity & follow the above given instructions to use shot blasting machine effectively.

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