Shot Blasting Machine for Aluminium Die Castings

New and Used Shot Blasting Machines and Spare Parts for All Needs


Shot Blasting Machine for Aluminium Die Castings

Shot blasting machines come in various forms for different abrasive purposes. They basically include machines to clean and treat surface areas from corrosion, dust, grease but are common for repainting treatment and shot peening of metals. A shot blasting machine is an economical substitute for surface preparation to the metal before it is subjected to other operations like electroplating, galvanizing or welding.

Kinds of Shot Blasting Machines For Different Components:

There are different types of shot blasting machine for different types of metals and intermediate products like aluminum die castings, brass, steel and gun metal parts. Machines like Tumblast, Table Type, Cabinate type, Pavor Block Hanger & Continuous conveyor models have a typical treatment order for each product process.

To be a bit Precise About these Shot Blasting Machines:

Tumblast is an excellent mechanical machine where the components are put on a conveyer belt that goes to the machine chamber. As the door is closed, a rotor in the cabinet ejects out compressed grits or shots on the on the components. This gives all the components a unique universal finish. The dust settles down in a dust collection system. Once the process is completed, after desired time, the chamber door is opened and the conveyor belt pulled out removing the treated components from the chamber. Tumblast machines come in various sizes and cubic foot capacity starting from 20" x 27" to 48" x 48".

Shot Blasting Machine for Aluminium Die Castings

Hanger Type Shot blasting machines come as monorail and centralized hanger type. The machine can have both a single door and double doors. Here the components are hung on a hanger in the chamber and the machine process then treats them just like a Tumblast system. The conveyor belt system is missing on this machine but rest of the process is same. Whilst shot blasting, the hanger rotates using multiple rotors to allow the components a uniform treatment. The components are distant away and hence give a scratch free look.

The swing table shot blasting machine is appropriate to keep heavier and big size components on its plate and blast them all. Smaller parts can be kept on the platform to blast on only one side. The machine has a capacity with a diameter of 36" of table extending to a 120" of table in single as well double doors.

Another shot blasting machine is the continuous conveyor model which is used for blasting small components on just one side. There is a single rotor which throws shots on the material and gives it finishing but multiple rotors can be used for multiple side cleaning. From one window, the components are entered and from another, the treated ones are ejected after finished.

Shot blasting machines have hard and durable parts mostly made of alloy steel. They include the Rotor, Blades, impeller, spring locks, table plate, the conveyor belt and more but some precautions are necessary to run the machine.

The Tumblast model of Shot blasting machine if to be used for finishing of smaller components is best suitable and very cost effective. We can be contacted with details of your components for a suitable size & model of shot blasting machine.

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