Difference between Rotary Barrel and Tumb Type Blasting Machine

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Difference between Rotary Barrel and Tumb Type Blasting Machine

The Tumb and Rotary Type Blasting Machine are generally used for cleaning and finishing the surface in various industries. These machines are highly demanded to deliver effective and efficient performance.

But! Some people think that these two types of technology have different job profile and having different features. Meanwhile, some people take them same. Therefore it is mandatory to tell you about the differences and common features of both types of machines.

To know about the differences and similarities of both types of machines, you must get some of the information about these machines, so have a look on the both types of blasting machines.

Tumb Type Blasting Machine

Tumb Type Blasting Machine is widely used in various industries in order to provide clean and finished surfaces. This machine is being used in so many industries to remove sand and dust from a cast, forged and welded parts as well as aluminum and other non-ferrous parts also.

Tumb type of machine is especially effective for hard-to-clean parts, non-fragile parts, and non-core castings and most importantly it is available for full automation.

Advantages of Tumb Type Blasting Machine

Tumb type blasting machine offers reasonable structure and low energy consumption with high efficiency.

The blast chamber of the machine is equipped with wear protection plate on the inner wall to avoid punctures due to shots at the high velocity. Apart from it, the rubber belt conveyor in the machine allows easy tumbling of workpieces and has many shot leakage holes.

Tumb type blasting machine is used for surface cleaning, removing dust and surface intensification differently with middle sized cast or forged work pieces. With this addition of a repeated conveyor that allows for increased production rates when you use this machine in the production line.

Features and specifications of Tumb Type blasting machine

Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary Barrel Type Machine is designed for cleaning the small of size iron, steel, alloy and heat-treated parts, pressings, non-ferrous castings, forgings, and a fabrications job can be delivered at the lowest possible cost through rotary barrel type blasting machine. To know more about it let's have a look at the features of this machine.

Low Maintenance:Rotary Barrel Type Machine is Rugged and sturdy overall construction of machine ensure minimum operational. Most importantly maintenance cost is very less; where vulnerable components are lined with the wear resistant materials used to the blasting job.

Controls:To control the machine all necessary safety features are provided. Meanwhile, the controls are centrally located on the machine itself to make a safe and healthy blasting job.

Timer:Rotary Barrel Type Machine can be pre-set for blasting cycle by Electronic Timer. Therefore you set the timer as per the surface preparation work requirement.

Capacity:100 KG load with 1.5/3 CFT effective volume and cleaning rate of this machine depends on nature of the job, a degree of surface preparation required and type of abrasive used.

Blast Wheel:This is the most effective abrasive throwing unit available in the machine which is capable of projecting the optimum quantity of abrasive per horsepower required by the job.

Barrel size:Rotary Barrel Type Blasting Machine complete with Barrel size less than 4 mm DIA with Abrasive Recycling System, Control Panel, Electric Motors, Fabric Bag Type Dust Collector Unit & Digital Time Control.

The difference between both types of blasting machine

To know about the differences of Rotary Barrel & Tumb type Blasting Machine we have to look at the operational Principle of both machines.

These machines components are lined with perforated rubber sheet and the barrel is loaded. These components rotate at low RPM and gently tumble components.

Along with it, a powerful Blast Wheel Unit is fitted at the bottom of the barrel which fires shot on tumbling components and blasts them thoroughly.

These are the points which shows the similarities of both types of the machine but if we talk about the difference of these machines there are few major point that can help us to find out the different between both technology of blasting work.

Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Load capacity- Tumb and Rotary Type Blasting Machines have different load capacities; a Tumb type of blasting machine can hold SS shots up to 150 KG whereas rotary barrel can only bear up to 100KG only.

Barrel size- Tumb and rotary type of Blasting Machines need different size; in Tumb blasting machine can you can use up to 6MM but in Rotary type of machine less than 4 MM size is required.

HP of Dust Collector- Tumb blaster has many dust collectors but the Rotary type of machine has an only single dust collector.

Apart from it Total Power Requirement, Initial Charge of Abrasive and Flow Rate of Wheel in both machines are different. But the job profile of both machines is almost same.

To understand it in a simple way you can make a point in your mind that a Tumb type blasting machine is used for big products for their surface preparation and rotary type of Blasting Machines are being used for small surface work.

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