Who Should Use Shot Blasting Machine?

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Who Should Use Shot Blasting Machine?

Wear and tear is an inevident process of nature. Man has constantly tried to overcome this evil and the innovative solutions proposed over time either prevent it or reduce the collateral damages. In the race to find a cure for the same, one such technique has emerged called Shot Blasting. As the name suggests, shots of some material are bombarded on the target substance at extremely high speeds which somehow help it to revive its strength and natural properties. These shots, also called as abrasive media, can be made of sand, glass, garnet and chilled iron, and can be used according to the requirements. Experience says that shots of steel, approximately of 1mm size lead to best results.

The basic principle behind shot blasting is to forcefully collide shots of abrasive media on the target substance, causing the contaminants to rip off, leaving the sample free of impurities with a smooth surface. This accelerating beam of shots is carefully controlled and is produced by a blast wheel positioned in the heart of the machine.

There are vast applications of shot blasting in the industry. Some places which need or should use the shot blasting machine are:

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