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Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

The development of the modern industry can’t be separated from the emergence of a variety of advanced equipment in order to make the production more efficient. Shot blasting machine is a perfect example of it. There are various types of shot blasting machines for different situations. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss more about the Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine.

Tumble Shot Blasting Machines are widely used in factory production and this tumble blast design has been recognized as the most effective blasting process for removing scale, rust and burrs from mass production parts for decades. These kinds of shot blasting machines are particularly suitable for shot blasting of small parts that are loaded in bulk.

The endless rubber mill of Tumble type Shot Blasting Machine continuously turns the workpieces and then exposes them to the abrasive stream for the entire of the blasting time. By the use of a rubber mill, it ensures a relatively gentle tumbling motion. And the clearances are kept small, that is why it makes possible to blast extremely tiny workpieces.

A special anti-abrasive rubber belt has been arranged in this machine which receives the pieces to be treated as a cradle and with its movement they are maintained in a constant tumble. After that the pieces are hit by the jet of abrasive generated by the turbine and they receive the shot blasting treatment extremely uniformly on all the surfaces by continuously changing position.

Features of Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine

1.Performance Feature:

  1. It has a good cleaning effect
  2. In tumble shot blasting machines the noise is small and the structure is compact. It makes these machines to be used in the production of large and medium batches for cleaning rust and ultimately enhancing shot blasting.

2.Features of a Variety of Advantageous Components

  1. The Cantilever Centrifugal is used in this kind of machine which increases the life span of the machine greatly.
  2. This structure utilizes international technology with a Pulley which greatly increases the efficiency of the blasting machine and reduces the labor force.
  3. In tumbler type shot blasting method the bag type dust collector is adopted that makes the dust emission even lower than the national standard in order to ensure the excellent working environment.

Applications of Tumble Shot Blasting Machine:

In the process of shot blasting, the value of tumble shot blasting machine can’t be denied. Moreover,

  • The technique has been used by many people in shot blasting materials for tunnels and bridges, because for these kinds of places the standard of shot blasting waterproof concrete deck pavement has become stricter.
  • Let’s take an example of steel for a bridge. The surface of most of the steel must be cleaned and polished before coating an anti-corrosion layer.
  • Tumble Shot Blasting Machine is an easy solution for removing the print of tires or any kind of marking on concrete or asphalt runway.
  • These machines can also be used for cleaning roadway, sidewalk, street, etc.

Advantages of Using Tumble Shot Blasting Machine:

Longer Service Life:Long service life is one of the greatest advantages of using tumble shot blasting machines. A tumble shot blasting machine is lighter and easier to handle as compared with other types of shot blasting machines. This becomes possible because of the structure of this machine as it is relatively simple and reduces the use of materials and weight. Another reason is that its structure is very simple and it is easy for users to carry out maintenance. Moreover, the structural damage doesn’t occur during handling. That means as long as the tumble shot blasting machine is effectively maintained, it will serve you for a longer time than other types of shot blasting machines that will reduce the cost to some extent.

A Wide Range of Uses:There are many types of shot blasting machines used as per the different working environments and needs. However, the tumble shot blasting machines are more widely used than other shot blasting machines and are efficient enough to meet different work situations and requirements. It serves the user with three different speed rates to choose from. So, basically having a tumble shot blasting machine is just like having multiple different types of shot blasting machines. The wide range of uses is also one of the main advantages of tumble shot blasting machines.

Higher Work Efficiency:Another advantage of this machine is its performance that is excellent. The high work efficiency is the main reason that many industrial manufacturers choose to use a tumble shot blasting machine. The difference between other shot blasting machines and the tumble shot blasting machine is that it uses the working mode of the separating machine. It can effectively classify different types of products and because of that, the same product can be processed to ensure a certain speed. Which make industries achieve efficient work requirements.

Quality Spare Center is an unparalleled name in offering premium quality Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machine to our clients. It has been manufactured with the help of cutting-edge technology under the strict guidance of our dexterous professionals. Moreover, we provide this machine in several specifications as per the need of our clients. These machines are widely used for the batch processing of metal parts in different industries. Moreover, our Tumble Type Shot Blasting Machines are tested on certain parameters to ensure its flawlessness. Clients can avail this machine from Quality Spare center at market leading prices.

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