Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Faridabad

New and Used Shot Blasting Machines and Spare Parts for All Needs


Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Faridabad

Shot blasting is an excellent medium to treat metal surfaces, wooden surfaces, soft and hard layers equally well but with prior knowledge how to perform it and what abrasive would be best. In this process, a small cabinet serves as a reservoir containing abrasive media and this media is exited out of a hose pipe by bladed spindle that throws the media in the pipe’s exit vent. This process is accompanied by air compression to forcefully strike the media at the layer. The impact of striking is so effective that it immediately washes off dirt, grime, sediments, old paint or grease from the metal and makes it shine. Therefore, with quick action, that surface becomes as good as new. Secondly this treatment leaves a very gripping matte finish on that area which is wonderful for painting purpose.

Economies of Shot Blasting Machine in India:

Shot blasting machines have been providing economical substitutes to manual labor since these machines are very fast and time saving. You can literally put the hose at a small corner and clean it with satisfaction.

Shot blasting is an affordable choice to treat surface, paint preparation, peening of metals and also good in layer polishing jobs. But since they use a fair amount of force passing through different equipment and metal surface of the ejection points, the components are deemed to get damaged overtime. Owing to hard blasting, grits and hard shots, the parts break out and shot blasting becomes a process of maintenance. This factor is a worrying matter for those buyers who do not go by quality.

Faridabad being an industrial township has many manufacturing units there. Basically shot blasting machine manufacturers in Faridabad are famous for quality, built of equipment and long life. Hence, most of the making is done in this city for nearby states and even far off sales.

shot blasting machine manufacturers in faridabad

Secondly, since shot blasting is a very rugged process because it requires too much energy from the capsule that the thrust causes pressure on the surrounding parts and the friction makes them open to early scraping and breakage. It becomes needful to also keep some very basic parts of a shotblasting machine ready if any unexpected breakdown happens or cracks develop in the hosing. Therefore, shot blasting accessories and spares need to be kept at all times. Although good manufacturers ensure a healthy life of the machine, but unexpected things might exist suddenly. Hence, each part in a shot blatting machine requires timely service and replacement of those parts immediately. If you have a continuous process of shotblasting, then it becomes more than necessary to be ready with its spares. These components could be a wheel part, blades, machine impellers that eject media, carbide hose, rubber conveyor, etc.

So opting for shot blasting manufacturers who also provide spares means that you are keeping your machine always proper because there is a common saying that a stitch in time saves nine!

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