What is Grit blasting Process and how does it help to improve?

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Grit Blasting And Its Amazing Process To Clean Any Surfaces

You must have heard about Grit blasting and its effects? If you are looking for a process to clean out any surfaces of your belongings then you are in the right place. You can clean any surfaces through the Grit blasting process. Let's first clear up your mind about what is the Grit Blasting is and how does it function.

What is Grit Blasting?

Grit blasting, also known as Sandblasting is a mechanical process of removing dust, rust, and impurities from the surface of any material. It is performed with the help of any type of grit along with compressed air or water, thrown against the surface of the material at high speed.

It is performed when an object needs cleaning or roughening of the surface to obtain any coating. Grit blasting is done by two different styles, through pressure blasting and suction blasting.

Different Types Of Grit

There are many types of grit available depending on the surface of the material. The most important part of grits for performing grit blasting is that they should be extremely hard and dense to exert great pressure on the surface.

Aluminum Oxide Grit - It is very commonly used abrasive media. It is highly durable, used many times by recycling and it quite hard as compared to other grits.

Silicon Carbide Grit - It's also considered as hard blasting media due to its angular grain shape. Silicon Carbide blasting results in sharp and neat cleaning of the surface.

Glass Cuts - The thing about glass cuts are that they are present in different variations from course to highly refined media but the work of both is excellent in giving the surface a new lustrous and reflective look.

grit blasting

Steel Grit - They are the most requested blasting media for its aggressive and effective work. Steel grits are known for their hardness and its angular shape.

Baking Soda - Sodium Bicarbonate is used as in medium and extra-large grit to remove grease, paint, stains, and rust on various surfaces like metal, aluminum, glass or any others.

How Does Grit Blasting Clean All The Surfaces?

Grit blasting is a process that uses different types of abrasive along with compressed air or water and is forcefully hit against the surface of the material at a very high speed. When these abrasives are hit on the surface with high speed, the collision results in the removal of various unwanted impurities that were laying on the surface.

So it basically removes all the garbage that was stuck on the against the surface and gives a new and reflective look to the material. Hence it can clean all the surfaces which are greased, corroded, contaminated or any others.

This process is used for cleaning or for preparing the surface for welding and also for adhesion of the coating. So it does both functions better than any other blasting process.

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