Principal Differences between Sandblasting and Soda Blasting

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What are the Principal Differences Between Sand blasting and Soda Blasting?

Sand blasting and soda blasting is the colloquial name often used to describe the wider field of abrasive blasting. Sand blasting refers to the process of applying an abrasive material to an object at high pressure. Whereas soda blasting is a relatively new technology, that helps in cleaning and to remove contaminants or smooth the surface. In the process mostly granulated sodium bicarbonate is applied at high pressure upon a surface. Sand blasting often used to strip paint from machinery and metal. Meanwhile, it has many other uses. Before we talk about the differences along with its merits and demerits of soda & send blasting, we should also know the other common varieties of abrasive blasting. Other four types of abrasive blasting are as follows:

Hence, we have to discuss over the differences of soda & sand blasting through its merits and demerits points but before that, it is also mandatory to know the cost and environmental effects of soda & sandblasting.

Environmental Effects of Soda & Sand blasting:

Soda Blasting- In this process sodium bicarbonate is used, relatively it is environmentally friendly. Soda is water soluble, and will not build up in soil or residential areas. Meanwhile, you can safely breathe small amounts of sodium bicarbonate while blasting. But it is recommended you wear a breathing apparatus such as a quality gas mask.

Sand blasting-It lends itself well to a host of environmental impacts, none of which are positive. It is depend on the medium actually used. When choosing a medium, take care to make a choice that will not clog or harm local water supplies, and ensure that is free from heavy metals.

The curtain on such a booth captures the dry material used in sand blasting. It can either be reused, or disposed of carefully. Therefore environmental impact of sandblasting is entirely dependent on your choice of medium, and how you choose to contain it. So choose carefully. However, the use of abrasive materials is biodegradable, and more environmentally friendly.

In the abrasive blasting process, blasting cost matters a lot. Therefore to find out which procedure is batter and what the principal difference of soda and sand blasting are, let’s have a look on the cost of each process.

Costs of Sand blasting and Soda Blasting:

Sand Blasting- It is cheap, quick and effective range of materials that can be used for sandblasting. This material can be reused, and also cheap when bought in bulk. This factors make it a cheaper, albeit more time-consuming than soda blasting.

Soda Blasting- To be honest Soda blasting (Including the cost of machinery, chemicals and labor) are higher than the costs of sandblasting, if you can expect to pay a bit more for the environmentally-friendly option than its fine. Apart from it, soda blasting is quicker and easier to set up i.e. don't need to isolate easily damaged parts such as windows or plastic frames; and also time saver in comparison to sandblasting.

Meanwhile, we also have to clear its merits and demerits points to know which one is better and find out its differences.

Soda Blasting-Merits and Demerits:



Sand Blasting - Merits and Demerits:



After discussing about the merits and demerits points of soda & sandblasting, let’s find out the principle differences between both. To get the main difference we have to see which one is better option, soda or sandblasting?

Which one is better- Sand Blasting or Soda Blasting?

Generally the running costs of soda blasting are much higher than sand blasting i.e. sandblasting is cheap, quick and effective. The ranges of materials that can be used for sand blasting are not simply limited to sand. Therefore, it is clear that soda blasting is a more adaptable option than sandblasting. One can get Sand blasters at the affordable price from Quality spares. They deal in different types of Sand Blasters and shot blasters, you can pick according to your need. ‘Quality Spares Center’ also provides online solutions and helps their customers to find out the best suitable machine.

What soda is used for blasting?

Sodium Bicarbonate has been particularly composed in order to eradicate contaminants and paints on the body of a car. This blast media is also known as baking soda, which would explain why this paint- removal technique is also referred to as soda blasting.

Can soda blasting remove paint?

Baking Soda Blasting is a process that can clean out almost any surface in an efficient method. Yes, it can easily remove paint, grease,oils, coatings, surface corrosion and gasket material from a variety of plastics, alloys, masonry, metals and blend without surface destruction or distortion.

Is soda blasting messy?

Yes, Soda Blasting is messy. It is very convenient to clear out most of the occasion. Some vacing and sweeping that gets out of it, you can also save it and make a foggy cake from this new residuals.

Can soda blasting remove rust?

Soda Blasting will eradicate light surface rust only. This will neutralize any leftover rust but will not bring the surface back to glossy metal. This normally all the paint residuals, body filler and furnished by soda blasting. Then in surfaces that are rusted we will use a very fine abrasive to eradicate the immersed rust.

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