Difference between Shot Peening Vs. Shot Blasting?

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Basic Difference Between Shot Blasting and Shot Peening

Shot Peening is cast-off to yield a compressed layer and change the properties of a metal. This process is very different from Shot Blasting. Shot Blasting is used to either prepare or clean material, while shot peening is a procedure that is precisely controlled by a careful selection of media, along with the required concentration. It is a stressful process carried out on the surface of metals. It uses steel ‘shots’ that are fast-tracked on the surface, meaning that no dust is caused compared to the process of shot blasting.

The process of shot peening is applied in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries that apply particular metals. Its media must be in the exact and same diameter, to avoid unnecessary damage to the material upon impact.

Merits of Shot Peening

De-Merits of Shot Peening

Shot Peening doesn’t have much disadvantage however:

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is a process where prepare metal parts for additional process like painting or powder coating. Shot Blasting is essential step to ensure the coat sticks perfectly to the part. This step also can clean off contaminants like dirt or oil, eradicate metal oxides such as mill scale or rust, or cleanse the surface to make it a new like.

Merits of Shot Blasting

De-Merits of Shot Blasting

The shot blasting process can cause deficiencies under the paint or rust that is being removed

Shot Blasting Process

The process involves shooting a relentless stream of abrasive material against the surface of a metal part. In reliant on the application, the shots may be forced by an under-pressure fluid such as compressed air or an efferent wheel, which is also known as wheel blasting. The outline, density, and size of the shots will determine the absolute result. The metal abrasive used in shot blasting comprises copper shots, steel grit, and aluminum shots.

Both the process of shot peening and shot blasting are of essential steps while the manufacturing process of metal. Time and again, a part will undergo both before it is ready for use.

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