Benefits of Sandblasting Process to Look At

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Benefits of Sandblasting Process to Look At

Sandblasting, sometimes also referred to as Abrasive blasting is the use of a forceful stream of some abrasive material (usually sand) against a surface under high pressure. This forceful action helps smoothen rough surfaces, roughen smooth surfaces or to remove any contaminants present on the surface of an object. Sandblasting has proven to be one of the most effective ways to shape a surface or strip foreign materials of it or to even smooth the surface of an object. The sandblasting process uses the same effect as that of sandpaper, but unlike the sandpaper, the sandblasting process has no problems with corners and nooks also gives a better finish. This sandblasting process helps to revive and give a new life to the material.

In Sandblasting, compressed air is used to blast fine sand particles or any other abrasive through a nozzle at the desired object. As part of the Sandblasting process, the abrasive forcibly and quickly removes all foreign material on the surface of the object. Over the years the sandblasting industry has been innovating, the use of some natural materials which help them produce distinct results, such as ground nut shells and corn cobs. They also use other abrasives like steel grit, steel shot, glass beads etc.

All Sandblasting Machines Work on Mostly the Same Principle

The finely ground sand is blasted onto an object to clean, smooth or roughen its surface of any rust, paint or other unwanted surface materials. This is done with the help of an air-powered pressure gun which fires out sand at high velocity so as to impact the intended surface. All sandblasters comprise of a pressurized gun that has a ceramic barrel or interior coating that helps to prevent the sand from eroding with time. But the exact process by which the sand is introduced to the sand blasting gun differs with its types.

Benefits of Sandblasting:

The reasons sandblasting has become a popular tool in industries cannot be neglected and in case you are not aware of some of them, we have a few listed below, so that you never have to be bothered with the countless sandpaper issues:

Cost Effective: One of the many advantages of the sandblasting process is its cost effectiveness. This becomes possible due to the fact that no additional costs are incurred during the complete sandblasting process and therefore, it can easily be optimized fit in your budget. You can use sandblasting products by Quality Spare Centre for many affordable options.

Benefits of Sandblasting Process

Less Equipment Required: Sandblasting only requires three basic components to function:- The sandblasting gun with an air hose which is connected to the air compressor, this air compressor fires the air inside the gun till the trigger is pressed. There is a hopper on the gun and when the air passes through it, the whole sandblasting process gets into action.

Quick Results: One of the major advantages of sandblasting is that it saves time which helps you to maintain the efficiency of your business by reducing your downtime and increasing productivity. Sandblasting takes lesser time in comparison to the same task done manually, in a matter of a few minutes you can get your equipments cleaned and looking as good as new! However due to the requirement of safety precautions in sandblasting, it is advised to be done by a professional.

Non-Toxic (Safe): Sandblasting unlike, many other cleaning processes that are filled with complex steps and use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to breathe, uses non-toxic and safe materials. The sandblasting process is a power washing technique that uses materials which are not only safe for the environment but also do not damage your equipment.

Say Goodbye to Rusty Equipment: Rust causes significant damage to your equipment and the most difficult aspect that comes with rust is that it quickly spreads. The sandblasting process curbs this rusty situation and restores your equipment by being hard on rust that has build up over time. As rust damages all kinds of metals and can lead to equipment malfunction if left untreated for long, it necessary to clean it and one of the most effective ways is sandblasting.

Smoothes Rough Surfaces:Sometimes, with time some surfaces may become rough, or you may wish to paint the equipment, in this case sandblasting comes handy as it blasts sand or other abrasive to smoothen the rough areas of your equipment for quicker and smoother functioning. The sandblasting process helps boost your functioning.

Removes Oil and other Contaminants: Many types of equipment use oils or other contaminants and it keep the productivity to the optimum level, it is necessary to keep your equipment free of these. It may be a good idea to clean all the contaminants and oil manually but is it the most effective and effective way? Sadly no! To clean all the oil and other foreign contaminants quickly and effectively sandblasting is used. As this sandblasting gun, with extreme force blasts away the oil and other contaminants in no time.

After reading these advantages, if you feel the need to clean your equipment with a sandblasting gun, Quality Spare Centre is your go to place to find the most effective and affordable sandblasting products, so blast away the contaminants from your equipment!

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