Protected Operation of a Shot Blasting Machine

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Protected Operation of a Shot Blasting Machine

An abrasive shot blasting machine is a unique system to clean different surfaces and areas. Its operation is distinct because it includes coating, resurfacing, cleaning of shot blasting material all by one machine. However, this blaster has immense force that exhibits compressed media so it’s definitely not something that anybody could enjoy working on. The dust formation from a shot blasting process also warrants to be cautious about its inhalation. Therefore, before beginning work, employers should have a technical knowhow about the safety hazards the machine might cause, so a formal training on both the Do’s and Don'ts can save them from anticipating trouble.

Using the various control parameters like engineering and administrative controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), and hygiene related strictures, we can find adequate protection from exposure to hazardous materials and also safeguard us from respiratory illnesses.

An operation is successful only if it is protected. So, the set of instructions before operating a shot blasting machine can make for a safer workplace.

Engineering Controls:

Area Separation:

Proper Airway Channelization:Every workplace where medium to large scale blasting is carried should install exhausts and ventilating ducts to absorb any media from atmosphere. Exhaust ventilation systems can capture dust in containment structures.

Administrative Controls:After commencement of every work day, routine cleanup must be done to minimize the propensity of toxic irritants in the air. A commercially strong vacuuming system like HEPA can filter adequate particles from the air. Moreover, a wet floor wipe can control things easily.

Personal Hygiene:

Workplace Attire and Equipment:

Prerequisite Before Production:Worker Training and education about hazard to abrasive blasters is a requirement so these workers inculcate the finer approach to perform their activities in a planned manner and understand the nature of blasting health and safety hazards, how to use controls and accustom to safe work practices. Safety data check sheets can educate appropriate health risk information on the blasting materials to the workers. Every blasting media has information of its use and risk so SDS checking must be done.

Disciplinary Approach:All that matters is protection and if there is a lackluster behavior, then these protections will go in vain. Prolonged blasting exposure can cause serious respiratory diseases so a proper blasting respirator is donned to cover the wearer’s head, neck, and shoulders. It is the duty of the operator to check machinery equipment for blasting nozzle blockage or air pressure. Cleanup of air tank after regular intervals along with wind pipe and air pressure value is mandatory. At least for some 5 minutes or so, dust removal equipment should be operated after blasting because it will remove the particles adequately from the air. Finally, read the instructions carefully before operating a particular type of machine you seem to work first time in your life. These conditions will make you ready for any challenging work and meet your hard earned goals!

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